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Asca (1993 -)

Documentation and Resources:

This page contains an extensive set of documentation of ASCA data and its reduction and analysis. Links are also provided to the latest versions of these documents and to various ASCA-related Web Pages.

Organization of the Data

All of the data products reside in a "numbered" directory and are distributed among thesub-directories listed below.

If you are unfamiliar with these files, you should consult the ASCA Getting Started Guide.

Each of the sub-directory links below points to the actual directory containing the data on this disc.

aux Various files used for documentation, and other purposes.
The filter file needed to screen data is in this directory. For large
sequences, some of these files may have been compressed with
calib Calibration files used to process this sequence Note
that these files are current as of the processing date, and
more recent ones may be available
images Images and source lists derived from the screened
spectra Spectra and response matrices extracted from the
screened data for each source
lcurves Light curves extracted from the screened data for each
detected source.
screened Event files which have had "bad" data removed.
They are good for your first look at the data.
unscreened Event files which have been calibrated but not
reduced. These are the most basic files to use in your data
telem Raw spacecraft telemetry wrapped in FITS files.
For large sequences, these files may have been compressed
with "gzip"